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I always knew that you were too good to be true. I should have let you go sooner, or held on tighter. I’m still not sure which one.

(Source: to-myex)

The worst part is that I didn’t know that the last time everything was beautiful and perfect, was the last time. I didn’t linger, because I didn’t even imagine that it could possibly be the last time for us. I took those last moments we shared for granted.

(Source: to-myex)

How long until I’ll forget about you? I need to know that there will be a light at the end of this tunnel.

(Source: to-myex)

I could fill dozens of empty books with beautiful words about all the beautiful times we shared. But all that matters is that I still miss you, even after all this time. And despite all the others who have come and gone like you did, I saved a small part of my heart that still loved you, just in case there was a chance we could be together again. Now that small part of my heart beats stronger than the rest, and all I want to know is if you saved a part of yours for me, too, and if, by some miracle, it’s still beating.

(Source: to-myex)

We belong together, we both know it. Yet both too proud to own our mistakes and accept what could be a beautiful fate.

(Source: to-myex)

You led me through my darkest days, into the light. And now my life is so bright and breathtaking, yet all that’s missing is you. I wish you were still around to see the good that came after the bad.

(Source: to-myex)

Short, anonymous submissions to our exes - revelling in the should be's and dreaming of the could be's. Feel free to join in. This is the place to share your heartaches and vent your frustration. We all know how it feels.